Palais Campofranco

between past 
and present

A change that preserves both the environment as well as the past of the building: this is the manure of the Palais Campofranco's rebirth, which sprouts from the historical foundations and grows up through the use of materials and techniques both using the natural energy and the territory in a creative way.
The inner court of the Palais, whose heart is featured by the great Ginko-Biloba, will be revitalized and will be kept open all year round to provide the Palace with a central role in Bolzano's city life.


Palais Campofranco was built in the second half of the 18th century. During the following century, it was the residence of the Archduke Ranieri Giuseppe D'Asburgo and his wife, Maria Elisabetta di Savoia-Carignano. The icon of the Palace is the huge Ginko-Biloba, a gift for Elisabetta of Bavaria, more commonly known as the Princess Sissi, from her uncle Heinrich.

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